Outdated Job Search Tactics That Are Holding You Back


How did you search for your last job? How did your parents find their jobs? What about your grandparents? Chances are, all these answers are different. Job-search tactics change constantly. So, if you’re searching for a job, whether it’s your first one or not, you need to start by learning how to job hunt. To help, here are three outdated job search tactics to avoid – and what to do instead.

Mass-Applying on Job Search Boards

Of course, tons of jobs are posted every day on job search boards like Monster or Indeed. But blindly applying to every online job posting is not a smart use of your time. When looking for your next job opportunity, work smarter not harder. Target your search to jobs that you really want and you are truly qualified for.

Working with a recruiter is a great way to help you refine your job search and maximize efficiency. Expert recruiters will sit down with you, review your skill set and work history, and help you find the perfect position.

Anonymous Applications

For decades, business was done face to face, including hiring. Then somewhere along the way, the internet took over and for years, anonymous, faceless applications were the norm. Finally, businesses are beginning to understand the limitations of keyword-stuffed, dime-a-dozen online applications. This means when you’re looking for a job, you should be ready to network. Or at the very least, prepare to follow up on applications with a friendly phone call or in-person visit.

Again, using a recruiter can make your job search easier because they do the job of networking for you.

Use Lots of Buzzwords

One last bit of advice that has been popular for a while, and is completely outdated, is to stuff your resume or application with lots of keywords, buzzwords and ultimately meaningless jargon. Think of phrases like “up-and-coming professional” or “results-oriented achiever.” Sound good, but what do they really mean? Instead of using lots of descriptive words, relate concrete achievements on your resume.

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