Don’t Hire the Wrong Candidate!


When you post a job opening, who do you expect to reply? Ideally, only candidates who are right for the role. But we all know this is not an ideal world, and many unqualified resumes will come across your desk as you search for the perfect fit. However, there are other things which might make a candidate the wrong person for the job. Things that don’t stand out on a resume. How can you make sure to catch these red flags so you don’t hire the wrong candidate?

Watch Out for Red Flags

Aside from lack of experience, watch out for a bad attitude in your job candidates. This could be demonstrated in many ways, such as:

  • Blaming others for problems and/or failing to own up to past mistakes
  • Saying they are bored or limited by their current job
  • Having no questions for you during the interview
  • Treating support staff rudely when they come in for an interview

All the above point to either apathy for the position, or arrogance and an unwillingness to learn.

Another thing to focus on is the proof behind a candidate’s resume claims. It’s easy to write about job achievements if no one ever checks up on you! Asking questions, and asking for specific metrics when possible, can help you determine if a candidate’s resume is too good to be true.

Finally, you should always ask why a candidate is interested in the position. If they can’t give you a good reason, it’s likely they won’t stick around for very long.

Don’t Rush the Process

Some of the worst hiring mistakes occur because a manager is overly anxious to fill the role. This leads them to rush the process, not giving due diligence to reference checks or settling for a less-than-ideal candidate.

A staffing firm can help make it easier and quicker to find the perfect candidate. Staffing Partners provides background checks and reference checks, and interviews each candidate ahead of time So, when an opportunity arises at your company, we already know which of our candidates will be a good fit. This not only helps screen out unfit candidates, it also makes the process quicker, without sacrificing quality.

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