How to Create a Culture of Workplace Safety (and Why You Need to Do It Now!)

Last year, there were 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported in the United States. That’s three cases per 100 FTE workers! And if that alone isn’t enough to convince you, here are a few more reasons to cultivate a safety culture in your company: safety programs can result in an average of 52 percent… Read more »

Evaluating Career Success

What does career success mean to you? It’s a difficult question, but it’s extremely important to consider. Whether you are a temporary worker, permanent employee or currently seeking employment, evaluating career goals should be a priority. What kind of goals should you set to keep your career on track? And what’s the best way to… Read more »

Interview Prep: Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

After researching countless job opportunities, sending out dozens of resumes and following up on every lead, you’ve finally landed a promising interview. Congratulations! Preparing early will put you in the best position to nail the interview and get the job. Why? Preparation gives you a better idea of what the interviewer is looking for. You… Read more »

Is Your Resume Getting Overlooked?

Ever get the feeling you’re sending resumes into a black hole, where they disappear without your qualifications and experience ever getting a good look? While it’s unlikely all your resumes are being ignored, you may be making some common resume mistakes that make hiring managers pass you by. Here are a few of the resume… Read more »

Four Ways to Connect With Your Interviewer

Almost everyone has experienced a job interview that Just. Went. Nowhere. The problem? You didn’t connect with your interviewer. While no one is going to connect with every single interviewer, there are a few (almost) foolproof ways to click with interviewers early in the interview, which is the first step at landing the job you… Read more »

How to Discuss Your Previous Job During an Interview

One of the most challenging aspects of a job interview is the inevitable questioning about your previous jobs. From interviewers who ask how much you made at a previous job to the ones who want to gossip about your former employers, there are so many landmines associated with questions about your former jobs that it… Read more »

Preparing For a Phone Interview as a Nurse

As employers become more and more pressed for time and resources, phone interviews are in turn becoming more common, even in the medical professions. If you’re scheduled for your first nursing interview by phone, here’s what you need to know to put your best foot forward — even if you’re the only one who can… Read more »

How Nonverbal Communication Can Help You Ace the Interview

Anyone who’s ever worked as a hiring manager or HR person will tell you that while the resumes, cover letters and references you give them are important, when it comes down to the interview, they most often go with their gut. That gut reaction is the result of many factors, including what you say and… Read more »

Red Flags Interviewers Watch For

Ever wonder why your interview, which was going so well, suddenly tanked? Or why you never get call backs after interviews? Hiring managers and interviewers have experience spotting red flags that signal dangerous job candidates. Here are a few of the most common interviewing mistakes, and how to stop making them. You’re Late for the… Read more »

How to Find a Job in Portland

Whether you’re new to Portland or a long-time Portlandian who’s stuck in his job search, it’s easy to become overwhelmed or confused about how to find jobs in Portland — where to look, how to get your foot in the door with employers or how to find the best employers in the area. You could… Read more »