The Benefits of Job Searching During the Holidays

It’s tempting to assume that hiring managers will be too stuffed with turkey and dazzled by flashing lights between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to pay much attention to resumes and open positions. In reality, most HR departments are busiest during this period, often closing out the old year and preparing for the new. That can… Read more »

“Tell Me About Yourself.”

What do interviewers want when they say “So what are your best traits?” or “Tell me about yourself.” It may seem that your interviewers are out of creativity or just out of questions when they ask these vague interview questions, but most times, interviewers use these seemingly random interview questions as an invisible tripwire —… Read more »

Preparing For Your First Interview With a Recruiter

So you’ve got your first interview with a recruiter — congratulations! What’s that? You say you’re a little scared because you don’t know what recruiters are looking for? Relax. Recruiters don’t expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to be prepared. Here’s what to do to get ready. Yes, You Need a… Read more »

Should Light Industrial Candidates Submit a Cover Letter?

It’s easy to assume that employers aren’t looking for cover letters if the job posting doesn’t specify, or if the job is one that calls on your physical qualifications more than your educational background. Before you hit “send” on that light industrial job application though, consider these good reasons to include a cover letter. Become… Read more »

Five People Who Should Try Temp Work

Temporary work offers many benefits to many employees. Whether you are a recent graduate, or looking to build your skills and experience, temporary employment can be a great way to accomplish your goals. Read this post to learn about five different situations when looking for temporary work may be right for you. The New Graduate… Read more »

Don’t Have the Qualifications? Don’t Apply

So you don’t have the degree the job posting requires, but you’re sure you have the right experience. Or maybe you’re not really that experienced with using SQL, but you’re sure you could learn before you began the job. You, job hunter, are the hiring manager’s worst nightmare: the unqualified applicant. Here’s what hiring managers… Read more »

How to Tailor Your Resume to Specific Positions

It’s easy to shoot out the same tired resume for every position you apply for. It’s also easy to stay unemployed if you keep sending out that same resume for every position. Hiring managers want to see resumes that reflect what they’re looking for to fill positions. As an applicant, that means crafting a resume… Read more »

Didn’t Get the Job? How to Learn and Improve for Next Time

Being passed over for a job you really wanted can be a harsh blow. Losing out on the job, however, is no disgrace – the mistake is in not dedicating some time and effort to figuring out if there is anything you can do to improve your skills for the next interview. If you didn’t… Read more »

New to Town? Why Temporary Work Is a Great Idea!

Moving to a new town is exciting, but it can be a little scary, too – especially when you’re looking for a job. If you’ve never considered temping, there’s no better time than when you’ve just landed in a new job market. Temping is a great way to check out the local scene in your… Read more »