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Think Outside the Box to Boost Employee Morale

You may be surprised by how simple it is to make your employees feel like a valued member of the team. With a little extra thought given to make policies and procedures more worker-friendly, you’ll find that your employees will be more loyal, dedicated and satisfied with their jobs – increasing productivity, reducing turnover and… Read more »

Make Your First Impressions Count

We’ve all heard that old saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. But how many times do you really think about the impression you’re making on new employers and co-workers? Or the impression you’re making in an email or over the phone? If you’re job seeking, rethinking the way you… Read more »

How to Evaluate Nonverbal Cues During an Interview

All serious job seekers have been taught that actions speak louder than words, but how often have you, as an interviewer, stopped to read a candidate’s body language? Chances are good that you stop evaluating job candidates’ nonverbal cues as soon as the initial handshake is dispensed with. If so, take another look– you’re missing… Read more »