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Don’t Hire the Wrong Candidate!

When you post a job opening, who do you expect to reply? Ideally, only candidates who are right for the role. But we all know this is not an ideal world, and many unqualified resumes will come across your desk as you search for the perfect fit. However, there are other things which might make… Read more »

How to Communicate When Life Gets in the Way

At Staffing Partners, we do our best to ease the burden of job hunting. Searching for a job is a full-time endeavor, so sharing that task with a recruiter saves you a lot of time and stress. But a recruiter can’t do it all for you. You start by filling out an application and talking… Read more »

How to Evaluate a Candidate’s Safety Record

Three out of every 100 American employees will report a workplace illness or injury each year (Source: OSHA). So, it should be easy to see the importance of hiring with safety in mind. Any potential employee should have the right attitude about workplace safety. But how do you evaluate a candidate’s safety record? Interview Questions… Read more »

Outdated Job Search Tactics That Are Holding You Back

How did you search for your last job? How did your parents find their jobs? What about your grandparents? Chances are, all these answers are different. Job-search tactics change constantly. So, if you’re searching for a job, whether it’s your first one or not, you need to start by learning how to job hunt. To… Read more »

Recruiting During the Candidate Shortage

From 2010 to 2017, the U.S. unemployment rate has dropped from 9.8 to 4.5 percent (source: BLS). Here in Oregon, job opportunities are even more plentiful – our current unemployment rate is less than 4 percent. While that’s great news for employees and job candidates, it can be a frustrating situation for employers. During this… Read more »

Preparing for Situational Interview Questions

Actions speak louder than words, which is why so many interviewers use situational interview questions. Situational questions present you with a condition and ask how you would handle things. Sometimes the situation is hypothetical. More often, situational questions ask you to recall a situation you have already dealt with, for example: Think back to a time… Read more »

Three Reasons You Need to Empower Your Workforce Now

What do we mean when we speak of employee empowerment? A great definition comes from the Human Capital Institute, which partnered with RiseSmart for an in-depth research project called “Career Empowerment: Building an Empowered Workforce.” According to HCI, career empowerment, or employee empowerment, is “an employee’s ability to influence their own career path and pursue… Read more »

Is There a Reason an Employer Shouldn’t Hire You?

Self-awareness is a key skill for job hunters. It helps you apply for the right positions. It can also help you ace an interview. If you are aware of the reasons why you wouldn’t be hired for the job, you can address them in the interview and allay any concerns the interviewer may have. Your… Read more »

Five Qualities to Look for When Hiring Healthcare Talent

Healthcare is a unique industry, especially for an HR professional. Hiring the right healthcare worker is different from hiring other professionals, because healthcare talent requires unique soft skills. We’ve compiled a list of the top five soft skills every healthcare worker needs. Keep these traits in mind the next time you’re looking for new healthcare… Read more »

Short-Term Work Experience?

Times are changing. While previous generations stayed at the same job for their whole working life, that’s not the case today. According to HR expert John Sullivan, up to 70 percent of employees quit their jobs within two years (source: Harvard Business Review). So, if like most job seekers, you have a lot of short-term… Read more »