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Are You Ready to Hire Generation Z?

Just when you think you’ve got your millennial employees figured out, there’s a new generation of workers to shake up your workplace paradigm: Generation Z. They’re the millennial workforce’s younger sibs, and they’ll be entering the job market before you know it, so learn all you can about managing Generation Z before they enter your… Read more »

Write an Administrative Cover Letter That Stands Out

It’s easy to dismiss the cover letter as a necessary evil that most administrative job applications ask for, but few hiring managers actually read. If you want to get noticed as an applicant, however, you’ll use every weapon at your disposal. A cover letter can be your free prime-time advertising, as long it stands out… Read more »

Pitfalls of Micromanagement in the Workplace

It starts off with thinking it would be easier to tackle a task herself than to rely on an employee to do it. Then it’s double- or triple-checking an employee’s work, creating schedules that are timed to the minute, and asking for reports on a fanatical basis. It’s called micromanaging, and almost every manager has… Read more »

Five Qualities Employers Look For When Hiring New Talent

When you’re struggling to find a job or even get interviews, it can be difficult to know just what you’re doing wrong. Chances are, you’re either not strong enough in the skill or experience department, or it could be your job history or references are inadvertently revealing that you’ve not displayed some key qualities for… Read more »

Are Your Performance Reviews Effective?

Performance reviews are the bane of managers and employees alike, but ineffective or paint-by-numbers evaluations are irritating to employees and unhelpful to managers when they need to discipline or reward employees. If your HR files are full of vague or effusive performance reviews, then your evaluation process is anything but effective. Meaningless performance reviews are… Read more »

Do You Lack Career Experience?

Ever thought you’d found the job that was perfect for you, only to see “x number of years experience required”? When you’re just beginning on your career path, lacking required years of job experience can be frustrating — not only are you disqualified for the position, but how are you supposed to get job experience… Read more »

Does Your Company’s Reputation Attract Top Candidates?

A run of subpar job applicants may be nothing more than a fluke, but if you’re noticing more and more seemingly second-rate applicants, and fewer applicants for open positions than in the past, then it’s time to take a closer look at how your company is presenting itself to job applicants — especially online. As… Read more »

What If Your References Won’t Respond?

For many job hunters, one of the hardest parts of the search is choosing professional or personal references to share with potential employers. So when a reference goes incommunicado, many job seekers ignore the problem and hope it goes away. It probably won’t go away, but your job options might suffer — if your reference… Read more »

Overcome the Biggest Hiring Obstacles

Hiring great employees is never an easy task, but there are a few obstacles that seem to perennially pose roadblocks for hiring managers and HR departments. You could spend valuable hours on a huge stack of applications, checking references, or doing damage control when the inevitable bad apple slips past you, but why should you,… Read more »

Tips for Writing a Thank You Note Post-Interview

Being granted a job interview is a gift, and like all gifts, it should be acknowledged with a show of gratitude. For job candidates, this means following up a job interview with a thank-you note that lets employers know how much you appreciated the opportunity to show them your stuff. If you’re new to writing… Read more »