How to Make a Strong Impression When You’re a Reserved Candidate

For a reserved person, nothing is more miserable than being put on the spot – which can make a job interview a real sticky situation. Making the best impression on interviewers can be a challenge when just making small talk with strangers is difficult, but all is not lost for those who are not the… Read more »

How to Tailor Your Resume to Specific Positions

It’s easy to shoot out the same tired resume for every position you apply for. It’s also easy to stay unemployed if you keep sending out that same resume for every position. Hiring managers want to see resumes that reflect what they’re looking for to fill positions. As an applicant, that means crafting a resume… Read more »

New to Town? Why Temporary Work Is a Great Idea!

Moving to a new town is exciting, but it can be a little scary, too – especially when you’re looking for a job. If you’ve never considered temping, there’s no better time than when you’ve just landed in a new job market. Temping is a great way to check out the local scene in your… Read more »