How to Connect with an Interviewer to Land Your Next Job

For most, a job interview is a nerve-wracking process. It’s only natural. After all, you’re being evaluated and questioned. Then there’s the fact that your future employment hinges on your success at making a good impression. While you can’t prepare for every possibility, or curveball an interviewer might throw at you, you can be well… Read more »

Is Your Workforce Ready to Jump Ship?

After a star employee leaves, company leaders often say, “I knew something was off.” The signs of an employee ready to abandon ship are clear, if you know how to recognize them. Signs of an Employee Getting Ready to Exit The biggest giveaway before the official resignation is a change in attitude and behavior. The… Read more »

When Should You Consider Overqualified Talent?

There are two kinds of applicants that hiring managers dread: the unqualified applicant and the overqualified applicant. The unqualified applicant wastes your time, while the overqualified applicant just … leaves you scratching your head. Why would someone with this applicant’s qualifications bother to apply? Before you disregard those seemingly overqualified candidates, though, consider a few… Read more »

Watch for These Common Signs of Burnout in Your Team

Manager and HR professionals are often surprised when employee burnout begins resulting in catastrophic problems like lost-time accidents, high turnover and decreased productivity. The common refrain of we had no idea anything was wrong may be the case, but it’s rare that a few universal signs of employee burnout do not pop up as a… Read more »

Five People Who Should Try Temp Work

Temporary work offers many benefits to many employees. Whether you are a recent graduate, or looking to build your skills and experience, temporary employment can be a great way to accomplish your goals. Read this post to learn about five different situations when looking for temporary work may be right for you. The New Graduate… Read more »

When Is the Right Time to Plan Your Hiring?

As a hiring manager or HR professional, you know that there are situations that demand increased staffing. But anticipating staffing needs and knowing the best time to have new hires waiting in the wings can be a delicate balance: bring new hires on too early, and you risk losing a few to turnover, but wait… Read more »

What Interviewers Wish Every Job Seeker Knew

Ever wish you knew what interviewers were thinking during your interview? They’re wishing you knew what they knew about the process, other applicants — even the job and the organization. If interviewers could tell you what they wish you knew, here’s what they’d say: Their Time Is Valuable Not returning emails or messages in a… Read more »

Thank You Notes: Handwritten, Email or Both?

Getting an interview in today’s tight job market is a gift, and if you’re not treating it as such by sending thank you notes afterward, then you’re looking that gift horse in the mouth. But, there’s a trick to sending thank you notes to interviewers, and it involves timing, technology and old-fashioned handwriting. Timing is… Read more »