Are You Sabotaging Your Interview? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

You know you’ve got the training, the experience and the knowledge that employers need — so why aren’t you making it past the interview stage? You may be sabotaging your chances without even knowing it. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that job candidates make to nuke their employment prospects. You’re Late… Read more »

How to Ace a Phone Interview

Whether you’re the person who has the gift for gab or the still water that runs deep, a phone interview can seem intimidating. Here are a few of the best ways to ensure that you ace a phone interview every time: Practice Makes Perfect Before your phone interview, practice your phone skills with someone you… Read more »

Nonverbal Communication: Impress an Interviewer With Your Actions

You hear so much advice about what to say and what not to say during job interviews that it’s sometimes easy to forget that actions speak louder than words — what you do during an interview is just as important. Check your nonverbal communication skills before your next interview to be sure you’re putting the… Read more »

Professional References: Selecting the Best People

When you’re looking for a job, choosing references to give to potential employers can be like dating — you’ve got your old flames on the backburner, the ones you know can be trusted to make you look good. If you really want to impress an employer, think about the ones who got away, instead. The… Read more »

Use Generic Interview Questions to Your Advantage: How to WOW an Employer

Interviewing for a job is hard work, but it can seem even harder when employers give you little to go on but the same old generic interview questions. Believe it or not, employers get tired of hearing the usual pat answers to these common questions, too. If you’re not thinking outside the box a little,… Read more »