Three Essential Lessons from a Challenging Co-Worker

If you’re dealing with a difficult co-worker, your focus is likely on day-to-day survival. However, taking a step back from the situation can teach you valuable lessons and even help you build your skills as an employee. First things first–you shouldn’t have to deal with harassment of any kind in the workplace. If that co-worker’s… Read more »

How to Connect with an Interviewer to Land Your Next Job

For most, a job interview is a nerve-wracking process. It’s only natural. After all, you’re being evaluated and questioned. Then there’s the fact that your future employment hinges on your success at making a good impression. While you can’t prepare for every possibility, or curveball an interviewer might throw at you, you can be well… Read more »

Want to Build Your Resume Experience? Try Volunteering

They say your resume should never be longer than one page, but if yours is less than half of a page, then you know you need more job experience. Until you find the employer who knows you’re the best for the job, build up your resume experience by volunteering. Starting Your Volunteer Career If you’re… Read more »

Overused Buzz Words to Remove From Your Resume

Employers and hiring managers are swamped with resumes, and when everyone is trying to put his best foot forward, the result is often resumes that use the same old phrases over and over. If you want your resume to sparkle, go over it with a fine-toothed comb and eliminate these overused buzz words: Instead of… Read more »

How and When to Follow Up After an Interview

So you’ve just had the interview for the job of your dreams. Everything went great — instant rapport between you and your interviewers, your qualifications were exactly what they’re looking for, and your experience was impressive. All that’s left now is to wait to hear back, right? Wrong. A job interview isn’t over when you… Read more »

Resume Fraud: It’s Not Worth It

The job advertisement says all applicants need management experience — you were responsible for wrangling schedules and time cards at your last job, so that counts…right? Or maybe the job you want requires a bachelor’s degree, and though you completed all the credits, you didn’t actually graduate due to an outstanding bill — close enough,… Read more »