Is Your Workforce Ready to Jump Ship?

After a star employee leaves, company leaders often say, “I knew something was off.” The signs of an employee ready to abandon ship are clear, if you know how to recognize them. Signs of an Employee Getting Ready to Exit The biggest giveaway before the official resignation is a change in attitude and behavior. The… Read more »

How Long Is Too Long Between Application and Job Offer?

You may think your organization’s long, drawn-out hiring process is an example of due diligence, but to applicants, it signals the opposite: indifference. A long wait between taking applications and making job offers means a higher risk of losing top talent to your competitors. If it routinely takes more than three weeks to make an… Read more »

Which Is More Cost-Effective, Temporary Help or Paying Overtime?

You see it every year: during strategic periods, such as summer vacation times, holidays, and locally busy periods, your staffing budget bounces out of bounds as the cost of employee overtime rises. Hiring more full-time, or even part-time, employees is out of the question, leading you back to your original problem … controlling staffing costs…. Read more »

Seven Avoidable Workplace Health and Safety Hazards

As an HR professional or manager, you’re well-aware of the cost of accidents in the workplace. Workers’ compensation claims, lost employee hours and replacing injured employees all take their toll both on management and other employees. Identifying the most common contributors to workplace accidents can help you improve the safety and health of your employees,… Read more »

Four Strategies to Build Loyalty Among Light Industrial Workers

It’s hard to underestimate the value of loyal employees to your organization. Engaged, satisfied employees work better and keep customers coming back. If you’re ready to rethink your organization’s approach to employee loyalty, here are four strategies that are great starting points: Corporate Growth As Employee Growth Fostering loyal employees often boils down to one… Read more »