How to Connect with an Interviewer to Land Your Next Job

For most, a job interview is a nerve-wracking process. It’s only natural. After all, you’re being evaluated and questioned. Then there’s the fact that your future employment hinges on your success at making a good impression. While you can’t prepare for every possibility, or curveball an interviewer might throw at you, you can be well… Read more »

Preparing For a Phone Interview as a Nurse

As employers become more and more pressed for time and resources, phone interviews are in turn becoming more common, even in the medical professions. If you’re scheduled for your first nursing interview by phone, here’s what you need to know to put your best foot forward — even if you’re the only one who can… Read more »

Red Flags Interviewers Watch For

Ever wonder why your interview, which was going so well, suddenly tanked? Or why you never get call backs after interviews? Hiring managers and interviewers have experience spotting red flags that signal dangerous job candidates. Here are a few of the most common interviewing mistakes, and how to stop making them. You’re Late for the… Read more »

How to Find a Job in Portland

Whether you’re new to Portland or a long-time Portlandian who’s stuck in his job search, it’s easy to become overwhelmed or confused about how to find jobs in Portland — where to look, how to get your foot in the door with employers or how to find the best employers in the area. You could… Read more »

What to Learn When You Don’t Get the Job

When you look at every job interview and every job application you send out as a learning experience, it’s better to take the rejection as an opportunity for growth rather than as an insult; you’ll do yourself a huge favor. The key is knowing what to learn from the jobs you don’t get. Sometimes it’s… Read more »

Tips for Writing a Thank You Note Post-Interview

Being granted a job interview is a gift, and like all gifts, it should be acknowledged with a show of gratitude. For job candidates, this means following up a job interview with a thank-you note that lets employers know how much you appreciated the opportunity to show them your stuff. If you’re new to writing… Read more »

Resume Writing to Highlight Temporary Experiences

Think temporary employment is a liability when you’re creating your resume? Think again! If you know how to spin temporary jobs on your resume, you’ll find employers who are anxious to bring you on board. It’s all in how you write it, and when you build your resume with temporary jobs, you’ve got an opportunity… Read more »

The Benefits of Job Searching During the Holidays

It’s tempting to assume that hiring managers will be too stuffed with turkey and dazzled by flashing lights between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to pay much attention to resumes and open positions. In reality, most HR departments are busiest during this period, often closing out the old year and preparing for the new. That can… Read more »

“Tell Me About Yourself.”

What do interviewers want when they say “So what are your best traits?” or “Tell me about yourself.” It may seem that your interviewers are out of creativity or just out of questions when they ask these vague interview questions, but most times, interviewers use these seemingly random interview questions as an invisible tripwire —… Read more »

Preparing For Your First Interview With a Recruiter

So you’ve got your first interview with a recruiter — congratulations! What’s that? You say you’re a little scared because you don’t know what recruiters are looking for? Relax. Recruiters don’t expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to be prepared. Here’s what to do to get ready. Yes, You Need a… Read more »