Red Flags to Watch For During an Interview

Every hiring manager has experienced it, the hiring equivalent of buyer’s remorse: you hire a candidate based on a great interview, only to find that they are better at talk than action. You won’t weed out bad job candidates every single time, but if you learn to watch for common red flags during interviews, you’ll… Read more »

Four Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job (And How to Fix the Issues!)

You sent in a great resume, crossed all your ‘t’s and dotted all your ‘i’s on the application, maybe even got an interview that you aced, but you still didn’t get hired. What gives? It could be one of four common pitfalls job candidates trip on when applying for jobs. Good thing Staffing Partners’ staffing… Read more »

Building a Relationship With Your Recruiter

Temp agency recruiters, by nature of their positions, see a lot of candidates. And while your experience and credentials may be top of the line, so are those of a lot of other job candidates. Build a great relationship with your recruiter, however, and you become more than just your resume. Here are Staffing Partners’… Read more »

Six Ways to Help Your New Hires Succeed

As an employer, there is little more frustrating than employee attrition. Hiring new employees for the same positions over and over costs you money and valuable staff time. It’s even more frustrating, however, when you suspect that the fault may not lie completely with your new hires. If you’re not thinking of how you can… Read more »