What Are the Biggest Productivity Barriers Your Team Faces?

Productivity – it’s the driving force behind successful businesses, and one of the biggest concerns most managers have. Keeping a team productive can be a big challenge as many barriers can crop up and ruin productivity. Are you aware of the productivity barriers your team faces? Identifying these roadblocks is the first and most important… Read more »

What Do Your Employees Want?

As a manager, do you know how to keep your employees happy? Most employers think what employees really want is money and job security. In reality, what usually tops the list for employees is appreciation and independence. The best way to be sure you are giving employees what they want is to simply ask! Employee… Read more »

Preparing For a Phone Interview as a Nurse

As employers become more and more pressed for time and resources, phone interviews are in turn becoming more common, even in the medical professions. If you’re scheduled for your first nursing interview by phone, here’s what you need to know to put your best foot forward — even if you’re the only one who can… Read more »

How to Recruit Top Light Industrial Candidates

It used to be, getting great candidates for light industrial work meant putting up a few fliers and placing an ad in the Sunday classifieds and waiting for them to come to you. It’s more of a challenge when you’re recruiting top prospects these days; it’s hard to reach audiences who no longer read the… Read more »

How to Make a Strong Impression When You’re a Reserved Candidate

For a reserved person, nothing is more miserable than being put on the spot – which can make a job interview a real sticky situation. Making the best impression on interviewers can be a challenge when just making small talk with strangers is difficult, but all is not lost for those who are not the… Read more »