What Impact Does Turnover Have on Your Team?

Any manager knows the negative effects of losing a single key team member. The effects of losing multiple employees in a short span of time are much more dramatic. Here are the top ways turnover affects a company and how to lessen the impact. It Hurts the Team Turnover can affect employees at all levels,… Read more »

Build Your Workforce With Leadership Skills

You’ve heard the advice to promote from within. But what are the advantages? Promoting from within helps your company: Attract and retaining top talent. Employees want to work for companies that value the growth of their employees. Provide incentives for innovation and productivity. Employees who have a path for advancement are much more likely to… Read more »

Do You Lack Career Experience?

Ever thought you’d found the job that was perfect for you, only to see “x number of years experience required”? When you’re just beginning on your career path, lacking required years of job experience can be frustrating — not only are you disqualified for the position, but how are you supposed to get job experience… Read more »

Should Light Industrial Candidates Submit a Cover Letter?

It’s easy to assume that employers aren’t looking for cover letters if the job posting doesn’t specify, or if the job is one that calls on your physical qualifications more than your educational background. Before you hit “send” on that light industrial job application though, consider these good reasons to include a cover letter. Become… Read more »