Want to Build Your Resume Experience? Try Volunteering

They say your resume should never be longer than one page, but if yours is less than half of a page, then you know you need more job experience. Until you find the employer who knows you’re the best for the job, build up your resume experience by volunteering. Starting Your Volunteer Career If you’re… Read more »

How and When to Follow Up After an Interview

So you’ve just had the interview for the job of your dreams. Everything went great — instant rapport between you and your interviewers, your qualifications were exactly what they’re looking for, and your experience was impressive. All that’s left now is to wait to hear back, right? Wrong. A job interview isn’t over when you… Read more »

Think Outside the Box to Boost Employee Morale

You may be surprised by how simple it is to make your employees feel like a valued member of the team. With a little extra thought given to make policies and procedures more worker-friendly, you’ll find that your employees will be more loyal, dedicated and satisfied with their jobs – increasing productivity, reducing turnover and… Read more »