Secrets to Success: The Key to Writing an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

You know you’d make a great administrative assistant, but you’re having trouble getting your foot in the door with prospective employers. The key may be in the often-overlooked cover letter you’re submitting with your resume. The secret to success when it comes to writing a cover letter is to think of it as an advertisement… Read more »

Recent College Grad? Avoid these Common Job Search Mistakes

Graduating from college is a feeling like no other — one that lasts until you realize the real world’s calling. College grads often feel overwhelmed when embarking on that first major job search, so it’s no wonder they often stumble on the road to post-graduate success. Set yourself up for success by avoiding these common… Read more »

Why You Should Consider Hiring Temporary Employees

Some positions and corporate situations pose special challenges to hiring managers. If you’re finding it difficult to hire great candidates for high turnover positions, have corporate situations such as hiring freezes or short-term staffing needs, or are overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the best candidates for your open positions,  it’s time to consider hiring… Read more »

Six Ways to Help Your New Hires Succeed

As an employer, there is little more frustrating than employee attrition. Hiring new employees for the same positions over and over costs you money and valuable staff time. It’s even more frustrating, however, when you suspect that the fault may not lie completely with your new hires. If you’re not thinking of how you can… Read more »

Seven Traits of an Effective Job Post

Getting poor response to job advertisements? Unimpressed by the quality of your recent applicants? Experiencing new hire dissatisfaction? Hard to believe, but you can trace almost all these problems back to your organization’s job posts! Creating effective job advertisements can be the difference between uninspired applicants and the star employees you’re looking for. When your… Read more »

Five Ways to Enhance Your Relationship With Your Staffing Firm

You rely on your staffing firm for your organization’s most important asset: your employees. So it only stands to reason that you want your relationship with the staffing experts you trust to be a good one. If you want to stand out as a star to your staffing firm, here are five ways to really… Read more »

What Healthcare Professionals Need to Know

As a healthcare professional, you may be embarrassed to admit that you’re still a little confused about the Affordable Care Act. Don’t be — keeping track of what the Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers you, why it’s important and what it means for you as a temporary employee can be confusing. Here’s the lowdown: What… Read more »