Fired? How to Discuss It During Your Next Interview

When you’ve been fired from a job, interviewing for another position can be even more daunting than usual. You know you’re likely to be asked about the reasons you were fired, and just thinking about it can be upsetting. Don’t make matters worse by winging it — before your next interview, prepare for that uncomfortable… Read more »

Planning a Strategic Staffing Strategy

“Strategic planning” is a phrase all employers and managers know and dread. Creating a workable strategic plan with goals that address your organization’s mission and needs is a huge function of all management departments, but if you’re not addressing staffing in your strategic planning efforts, you’re neglecting the key to meeting your goals — the… Read more »

How to Evaluate Nonverbal Cues During an Interview

All serious job seekers have been taught that actions speak louder than words, but how often have you, as an interviewer, stopped to read a candidate’s body language? Chances are good that you stop evaluating job candidates’ nonverbal cues as soon as the initial handshake is dispensed with. If so, take another look– you’re missing… Read more »