Make Your First Impressions Count


We’ve all heard that old saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. But how many times do you really think about the impression you’re making on new employers and co-workers? Or the impression you’re making in an email or over the phone? If you’re job seeking, rethinking the way you present yourself to staffing firms and employers can mean the difference between getting the job and being passed over.


A Few Seconds to Make a Lasting Impression

If it’s your qualifications, experience, and what you can bring to the table that count to employers, then why are first impressions so important? “It takes only three to five seconds for someone to form a first impression,” writes job coach Lisa Quast at, “and while you might wish that opinion were based on your intelligence or experience, most studies show that first impressions are shaped by what can be seen or heard in those initial few seconds.”

When you’re working for a temp agency or employment staffing service, these first impressions can be even more important to fitting in to the job environment and gaining the trust of the employer and co-workers.


Getting It Right the First Time

So what are employers looking for when they’re judging you in those first three to five seconds? Warmth, friendliness, trustworthiness and confidence are four key attributes that will impress any employer or staffing firm. And even if you’re shy and reserved by nature, it’s possible to put a smile on your face and accomplish that great first impression.

When you’re meeting new employers and co-workers in person for the first time, pay special attention to your appearance — clean and professional are the two goals to strive for. Come prepared to smile, and if small talk isn’t your thing, then practice a few safe topics, such as local events, movies or sports to fall back on.


Digital Impressions Count, Too

Nowadays your first contact with staffing firms, an employer or co-worker might come by phone, email or a website form, which makes remembering to mind your manners a little more of a challenge.

Treat each and every new contact like a face-to-face meeting, and you’re more likely to make a positive impression on employers and co-workers. That means treating each phone call or email like an interview, remembering to keep things professional and courteous. That also means no answering the phone “hey,” or email signatures that quote your favorite movie or song!


Amp up your job search by rethinking the first impression you’re making on employers and coworkers. If you’re not sure what sort of impression you’re making, ask a trusted friend or mentor to give you honest, unflinching advice. Don’t forget to keep reading Staffing Partners’ website for job opportunities and more tips to improve your employment outlook.

If you’re ready to begin your job search, or are looking for more strategies for a successful start to your next assignment, reach out to the experienced staffing team at Staffing Partners today.

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