Is it Ever Okay to Quit Without an Explanation?


We’ve all worked a job that was so soul-crushing that our one dream was to walk out the door without a word to anyone. But if you’re serious about building your career, you won’t give into the temptation to leave an employer without giving notice – it’s a huge mistake.

Are Some Bridges Best Burned?

In a word: never. No matter how awful your job, how terrible or thoughtless the supervisor, it’s never a good idea to leave a job without giving notice. In the short term, it leaves your employer and fellow employees holding the bag. Longer term, it can come back to haunt you when you encounter some of these fellow employees on future job searches.

It’s a Small World After All

If you think it’s safe to quit your job without notice because you’re moving, going into a completely different career field, or just never planning to cross your employer’s path again, think twice – you never know who you may encounter when seeking a job in the future, or who’s influencing the hiring decision. Leave without giving notice, and word about your disappearing act may precede you, whether you’re working part-time in a fast-food joint while you’re finishing your education or have already embarked upon your career path. Even if the job has little to do with your career goals, your supervisor and co-workers are all important career contacts, so important that you don’t want to risk alienating them by leaving them with a bad impression.

Avoid the Temptation

The best way to avoid the temptation to leave a job like a thief in the night is to avoid taking a bad job in the first place! If you’re having trouble finding the right kind of job fit for you, it’s time to have a heart-to-heart with a staffing agency professional who can help you find the right job for your talents and experience. Staffing Partners’ Portland employment experts are ready to match you with a temporary or temp-to-hire position you’ll love too much to ever consider leaving without a word!

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