Five Simple Ways to Boost Productivity in the Workplace


Everyone wants to boost productivity — knowing where to begin is the hard part. The good news is, improving productivity doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming. Here are five simple ways you can boost your employees’ productivity starting today:

Email Smarter

Believe it or not, email is one of the biggest productivity killers in the workplace. Encourage your workforce to spend less time on email by training them to email smarter, not harder. Cut down on the company-wide emails, discourage mindless CC’ing and forwarding, and recommend daily “digest” emails for managers who often find themselves emailing small bits of information to employees throughout the day.

Provide the Coffee – and Make It Good

Whenever possible, add little perks like coffee, drinks and snacks for your employees. Doing so encourages them to get up and away from their usual workstations, which, crazy as it may sound, facilitates work by letting workers clear their heads and come back fresh. When you’re providing the breaktime goodies, workers spend less time tracking them down themselves.

Reward Great Work

The more appreciated your employees feel, the more likely they are to work to their fullest potential. Make sure your employees know you appreciate their hard work. Just a quick thank you note, an impromptu pizza party after a hard couple weeks, or a mention in the company newsletter is often all it takes to recognize great work and spur more of it in your employees.

Cut Out the Micromanaging

It’s been proven in countless workforce studies that employees work better when they have more control over the work they do. Giving more power to your employees boosts everyone’s productivity by cutting out the needless and time-consuming micromanaging and letting your employees get on with the work, literally.

Ask For Help

The better trained and prepared your workforce, the more productive — but you already knew that, right? If you’re still struggling to hire the right employees, it’s time to ask for help. Staffing Partners has a pool of experienced employees just waiting to help your workplace run better. Give our experienced Portland staffing professionals a call today to see what they can do to increase your organization’s productivity.


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