Are You Sabotaging Your Interview? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes


You know you’ve got the training, the experience and the knowledge that employers need — so why aren’t you making it past the interview stage? You may be sabotaging your chances without even knowing it. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that job candidates make to nuke their employment prospects.

You’re Late to the Interview

When you show up late for interviews, you’re showing employers that their time is not valuable to you. That kind of blatant disrespect doesn’t go over well, nor does it give employers any confidence that you’ll be any more punctual when showing up for your job. Don’t just arrive on time — come to interviews at least a few minutes early. That’s the enthusiasm that impresses employers.

You’re Not Dressed for Success

Even if you’re interviewing for a job where business casual means jeans and a t-shirt, go a step further on interview day. Dress business professional. For guys, this means a shirt and tie and slacks. For ladies, keep things conservative, meaning no short skirts or dresses, no low-cut tops or dresses, and nothing tight, revealing or too flashy. No matter what your gender, your clothing should be clean, wrinkle-free and in good repair, and steer clear of flip-flops, athletic shoes or other shoes that are more suitable for the beach or relaxing.

You’re Not Informed

Before you interview for a position, you should always do your research. Know the job description front and back, and know as much about the organization as possible. When interviewers ask you questions about how your job experience and training relates to the position, you should be able to answer not only to the job description, but to the organization’s mission and goals.

You’re Not Approachable

Any interview will be smooth sailing if your interviewers feel a connection to you. Increase the odds by making appropriate eye contact, offering a firm handshake, and smiling often. Answer questions clearly and with a positive attitude, and ask questions about the organization and the position you’re interviewing for that engage the interviewers in conversation.

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