Thank You Notes: Handwritten, Email or Both?


Getting an interview in today’s tight job market is a gift, and if you’re not treating it as such by sending thank you notes afterward, then you’re looking that gift horse in the mouth. But, there’s a trick to sending thank you notes to interviewers, and it involves timing, technology and old-fashioned handwriting.

Timing is Everything

The best time to send a thank-you note to an interviewer is as soon after the interview as possible. That not only proves your appreciation for being given an interview opportunity, it also keeps you on interviewers’ radar screens. As even the quickest postman moves more slowly than instantly, the first thank-you “note” you send to an interviewer should come via email. Make it short and sweet, and be sure to mention something interesting from the interview, such as how much you enjoyed learning about the organization’s expansion plans or how great it was to meet with other employees or managers.

Go Old School

That thank-you email, however, is just the beginning. A few days after your initial interview, send handwritten thank-you notes to any and all managers who interviewed you for the position. Like your email, it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just a short note thanking interviewers for their consideration.  Don’t forget to say you look forward to hearing from the interviewer(s), either – it’s a subtle way of expressing your confidence about the position and the employer.

Even If You Don’t Want the Job…

Occasionally you interview for a position and discover it’s just not the best fit for you. Send thank-you emails and notes to interviewers, anyway. You never know when a position that is perfect for you will open up at that organization, or when you might meet one of your interviewers at another organization you interview with in the future.


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