Four Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job (And How to Fix the Issues!)


You sent in a great resume, crossed all your ‘t’s and dotted all your ‘i’s on the application, maybe even got an interview that you aced, but you still didn’t get hired. What gives? It could be one of four common pitfalls job candidates trip on when applying for jobs. Good thing Staffing Partners’ staffing experts are here to help you get hired!

You Weren’t Qualified

It’s tempting to apply for a job that sounds perfect for you, even if you don’t have the necessary qualifications, like experience or education. Or advice, in a word, don’t. If you’re wondering why you’re not getting hired for jobs when your experience and education are just a bit shy of what’s asked for in the job ad, the answer is self-evident: employers ask for these qualifications for a good reason, and often dismiss applicants who don’t meet the standards out of hand.

You Didn’t Read the Job Description

Just skimming job descriptions may save time when you’re anxiously searching for work, but when you don’t read the job description well, you likely miss the very aspects of your job history and education you should be highlighting in your resume, your cover letter and your interview.

You Weren’t Prepared For the Interview

Showing up for interviews late, being unable to answer key questions about the job description, not doing your homework on the company you’re applying to before you go to the interview –  these are all ways to ensure you won’t get the job. Learn as much as you can about the job and the company before you even apply, and show up on time, if you want employers to take you seriously.

You Were Less-Than-Honest on Your Application

Think no one checks references or verifies your educational or employment history? Think again. If you’re ever tempted to tell a lie on a job description, just keep in mind that this cannot only ruin your chances of employment with that employer, but can seriously damage your reputation in your field. Employers and hiring managers talk amongst themselves, and word will get out about your dishonesty.


The key to getting great jobs is the right mix of qualifications. If you’ve got plenty of enthusiasm, but need more job experience, let Staffing Partners’ employment experts help you find the perfect temp or temp-to-hire job that can help you build your resume. Contact them today!

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