What Interviewers Wish Every Job Seeker Knew


Ever wish you knew what interviewers were thinking during your interview? They’re wishing you knew what they knew about the process, other applicants — even the job and the organization. If interviewers could tell you what they wish you knew, here’s what they’d say:

Their Time Is Valuable

Not returning emails or messages in a timely fashion, showing up late to interviews, umming and aaahhing when you should be selling your best points, these are all ways you inadvertently waste an interviewers time. Interviewers wish job seekers realized the importance of making every second count. When you do, they remember you fondly.

They’ve Interviewed 10 Other Applicants With Your Qualifications

Interviewers won’t tell you that you’re not that much different on paper than the rest of the applicants when it comes to education and experience, so it’s up to you to prove you’re the best fit for the job. Go over the job description with a fine-toothed comb, and highlight the experience and qualifications you have that match that job description on your resume and in your cover letter so that they know how you’re different before the interview begins.

They Know When You’re Bluffing

Think doing your homework to research a company before you interview isn’t important? Interviewers would disagree. They can tell when you don’t know the first thing about the organization’s mission, industry and clients, so don’t even try to bluff.

They Wish You’d Ask Questions

Job seekers who come to interviews with questions about the job and the organization make interviewers take notice. When you have done enough research about the job, the department and the organization to ask great questions, interviewers are in heaven.

They Wish They’d Met You Through a Staffing Agency

There’s a good reason why hiring managers often turn to staffing firms to find top talent – candidates are pre-screened and come to interviews prepared. If you’re new to staffing agency placements, then you may not know the best-kept secret to finding awesome jobs. Contact Staffing Partners to find great temp and temp-to-hire jobs in your industry. You’ll be glad you did!

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