Questions to Ask Your Interviewer


When we think of job interviews, most of us think more about potential questions we may be asked by interviewers than what questions we should ask. But asking the right questions during job interviews is almost as important as giving the right answers. Ask the right questions, and interviewers know you’ve done your homework. Ask the wrong questions, or no questions at all, and interviewers may overlook you completely. So what should you ask interviewers? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


What’s the most important duty on the job description?

Not all job descriptions are created equal, and honest hiring managers will admit that they’re sometimes negligent about making updates. So when you ask interviewers about job descriptions, you prove that you’ve read it and understand it well enough to ask questions. That’s an important detail that interviewers love.


What about the ____ I read about in your long-range plan/mission statement?

Ask a question, almost any question about the company’s long-range plan or mission statement, and you’ll win interviewers over. Asking about long-range plans or organizational missions says that you’ve gone above and beyond thinking about just the job, and are thinking about the organization at large.


How do you see my job in terms of the company’s overall mission?

Like asking about long-range plans, asking interviewers about how your position affects the company’s mission is proof positive that you’re thinking of both the forest and the trees. It also gives you the opportunity to hear the most important aspects of your job reiterated, to make sure you get the big picture for yourself, as well.


Interviewing for jobs isn’t for the faint of heart, so it’s good to know you’ve got someone in your corner. When you go to Staffing Partners’ staffing professionals for career advice, you know you’re going to the right place for the best temp and temp-to-hire jobs in your field. Come see what we can do for you!


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