Didn’t Get the Job? How to Learn and Improve for Next Time


Being passed over for a job you really wanted can be a harsh blow. Losing out on the job, however, is no disgrace – the mistake is in not dedicating some time and effort to figuring out

if there is anything you can do to improve your skills for the next interview. If you didn’t get the job, go over your strategy a step at a time to see what needs improvement before you apply to any new positions.

Go Over Your Resume With a Fine-Toothed Comb

When you don’t even get a call back for a job you really wanted, the problem is likely your resume. First, determine whether you’re really qualified for the job you wanted by comparing your experience, as detailed in your resume, with the job description. If you’re not seeing the same requirements, duties and education, then you’re not qualified. But if you were qualified, then consider what would make another candidate more qualified. More recent experience? More education? More professional looking resume? These are all areas to work on before you apply again. Try volunteering or temping in your field to build your experience, check out any free or low-cost educational opportunities, and have someone in your field take a look at your resume.

Consider Your Interviewing Skills

So you got the interview, but you didn’t get the job what went wrong? Think hard on the answers you gave to important questions, first. If you felt uncomfortable or just unprepared, then ask some professionals in your field to help you zero in on the most common interview questions, and study them before your next interview. If you aced the questions, but still didn’t impress, consider other common interview mistakes you may have made, such as showing up late, dressing inappropriately or failing to follow up after the interview.

The two best predictors of job search success are experience and great interviewing skills. The problem is, it’s difficult to gain either if you can’t get your foot in the door! That’s where the experts at Staffing Partners comes in. We give you the temp and temp-to-hire experience in your field that employers are looking for, while also helping you to improve your job search strategy.

Call us today and be on your way to the job of your dreams.


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