How to Tailor Your Resume to Specific Positions


It’s easy to shoot out the same tired resume for every position you apply for. It’s also easy to stay unemployed if you keep sending out that same resume for every position. Hiring managers want to see resumes that reflect what they’re looking for to fill positions. As an applicant, that means crafting a resume that’s tailored to specific positions — even if it means creating a new resume each time you apply.

Why Tailoring Your Resume Matters

If you’re applying to five companies all seeking administrative assistants, then it may seem silly to switch up your resume for each application. But an administrative assistant’s job duties and educational or experiential requirements often differ from company to company, and when you send the same boilerplate resume to all five, and hiring managers notice. Hiring managers are looking for specific keywords on your resume, ones that match those in the position’s job description. Leave these out, and you’re often disqualified before you’ve even had an interview.

Why the Job Description Is So Important to Your Resume

Neglect to study the job description for the position you’re applying to, and you’ll likely miss important information you need to show employers why you’re perfect for the position. Hiring managers are inundated with resumes, and they’re not going over them with a fine-toothed comb. Pattern your resume after the job description, using the same words the employer uses to describe your experience in the most important aspects of the job, and you’ve automatically got a leg up – these are the words the hiring managers are looking for, so they’re the words that jump out from the page.

Why Experience Can’t Be Beat

Some people have fudged a little on their resumes, exaggerating experience with certain job tasks. The assumption is that this will help get a foot in the door. More likely, you’re going to betray your lack of knowledge without even realizing it. Get the experience employers are looking for, however, and there’s no need to fudge. That’s where Staffing Partners’ staffing experts come in. They can help you find temp and temp-to-hire positions that tailor your resume with real-life experience, and there’s no substitute for that. So don’t pad your resume – build it with Staffing Partners!


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