“Tell Me About Yourself.”


What do interviewers want when they say “So what are your best traits?” or “Tell me about yourself.” It may seem that your interviewers are out of creativity or just out of questions when they ask these vague interview questions, but most times, interviewers use these seemingly random interview questions as an invisible tripwire — what they really doing is learning a little more about your personality traits, whether good or bad. The trick is knowing what to reveal in interviews.

The Perfect Opening For Patting Yourself On the Back

“What would you like us to know about you?” and similar interview questions are the perfect place to mention career or education achievements you’re proud of. Whether it’s winning the spelling bee 10 years running, or completing work-related certifications that weren’t even required, these questions give you a chance to shine.

The Time For Sharing Your Best Off-Duty Activities

No, you probably don’t want to tell most interviewers that you’re the neighborhood master of World of Warcraft, or that you take your dog Boopsie everywhere, but these “tell me about yourself” questions are a good opportunites for sharing information about volunteer organizations or professional organizations that you enjoy in your spare time. And if you do happen to have a hobby that’s relevant to your job, by all means talk about it.

The Spotlight For Your Work and Life Experience

Questions that seemingly give you carte blanche to talk about yourself are a spotlight on your personality and habits, so make the stage time count. Talk about the experience you’ve had in similar positions in the past, or, if you’re new to the field, highlight the life and educational experiences you’ve had that prepare you for the job.

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