Rebranding Yourself When You’re Not an Entry-Level Job Seeker


Considering a career change, or just a move to a different position in the same field, can be daunting when you are no longer an entry-level job seeker. The key to success is rebranding yourself, or remaking your professional image to fit the career you want rather than the one you have. Just how to rebrand successfully, however, may be the biggest challenge you face when making a career switch. It takes planning, sometimes working more than one job as you make the transition, and more than that, finding the right people to help you make the change.

Refocus Your Skills

It’s hard to sell yourself as a great candidate for a position you’ve never held unless there’s something that sets you apart from seasoned professionals. Before you embark on a total career change, take advantage of every educational and professional opportunity you can find that will help you develop new skills or hone old ones. If that means taking classes for credit, seeking out online learning opportunities, joining new professional organizations or a combination of all the above, then you must be willing to learn.

Rethink Experience

Whatever career you’re hoping to move to, experience is key to proving yourself as a great job candidate. Finding relevant – much less paying – experience to work your way up, however, can be impossible. Don’t discount volunteering with organizations in your field, or, if that’s not possible, taking part-time or flexible schedule jobs just to get some time in the field. You never know when a part-time job might become a full-time opportunity, or whom you might meet who could help you as you change your career.

Reach Out

The worst thing you can do if you’re making a change mid-career is to think you can go it alone. You’ll need as big a network as you can find to help you transition. While joining professional organizations is the most obvious way to find other professionals in your field, seeking help from temporary and temp-to-hire job experts like those at Staffing Partners is the very best way to approach a career change. The hiring experts at Staffing Partners are pros at helping people begin new careers, no matter what their experience, with placements in temporary and temp-to-hire positions. It’s the single best way to quickly move into a new career — call our experienced staffing team at Staffing Partners today!


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