How to Recruit Top Light Industrial Candidates


It used to be, getting great candidates for light industrial work meant putting up a few fliers and placing an ad in the Sunday classifieds and waiting for them to come to you. It’s more of a challenge when you’re recruiting top prospects these days; it’s hard to reach audiences who no longer read the paper or hear about you through word of mouth, and harder to know where job seekers are looking – or what the best prospects are seeking in an employer. Finding the top candidates for your light industrial jobs nowadays means knowing where to look, plus knowing what they’re looking for.

Look at What You’re Offering

Lackluster candidates can make you wonder where you’re going wrong with putting the word out, but sometimes it’s not where you’re looking for employees, but what you’re offering when you get there. If you’re losing light industrial candidates to competitors, it could be that they are offering something better than you are. But don’t assume it’s all about pay; if you can’t compete in the salary range, consider what other benefits you can offer, such as improved scheduling, a friendlier corporate culture, wellness programs and other perks that make working for you more attractive, even if the pay is a little less.

Go to the Top of the Class…

…the dean’s list, actually. If you’re not using local vocational and community colleges and universities as your hunting grounds when you’re after new employees, you’re missing the cream of the crop. These students have the skills and knowledge your light industrial positions require, and are often willing and eager to work the evening and weekend shifts that can be the most difficult to fill. But if you want their attention, it will take more than a few fliers stuck on the bulletin board in the student services building. Be active on social media and develop relationships with academic and social organizations on campus. These are the people you can call on for impromptu job fairs and tips on great candidates.

Get Professional Help

When you’re serious about getting the best candidates, go to professionals who have experience recruiting top talent to light industrial jobs: Staffing Partners. Our recruiting experts have the light industrial staffing know-how and the best pool of qualified, motivated candidates in the field. Let us handle recruiting for you in the New Year — call us today!


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