How Can Working With a Recruiter Help You Find Your Next Job?


If you’ll be graduating from high school or college in 2016, are a job seeker currently between jobs, or have a job but are interested in making a career change, there’s one thing you should do – talk to a recruiter. If you’ve never used a recruiter to find a job, you’re missing out on one of the very best resources available to job seekers. Don’t know how working with an employment recruiter can help your job search? Read on and plan to be pleasantly surprised.

Making the Best of Your Qualifications

Whether you’re a recent graduate or seasoned professional, there’s an employer out there seeking someone with your qualifications. But when you’re tackling the job search on your own, locating these employers can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Recruiters know just what employers are seeking candidates with your level of education and experience, and can save you valuable time and resources you’d otherwise waste on companies that aren’t the best fit for you. Furthermore, employment recruiters know how to create a resume or complete a job application in the way that accentuates the positive, no matter what your experience.

Tapping the Hidden Job Market

There’s a saying in the staffing industry that most jobs never make it to the papers. For you as a job seeker, this means that you’re never seeing all the jobs that are available to you, just those that weren’t filled before the employer was forced to advertise! You’ll never know what’s available in this hidden, word-of-mouth job market if you don’t have your ear to the ground. That’s where recruiters come in. Employers put the word out to trusted recruiters before they advertise open positions, and often fill them from recommendations. Recruiters have access to jobs you will never find on online job boards, in local media or even by inquiring with employers. You can’t afford not to know a recruiter if you really want the best job offers in your industry.

Making Exclusive Contacts

In addition to jobs on the hidden job market, there are also jobs that are never posted, period, because they are filled exclusively by recruiters. More and more employers are using recruiters to fill their ongoing openings because they can trust recruiters to prescreen applicants and send them only the best. These jobs may be temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent positions, but they’re all filled the same way: By employment experts in the industry recruiting just for these employers.

Finding a job is tough — why make it tougher by going it alone? Contact Staffing Partners’ temporary and temp-to-hire recruiters today to get a leg up on your competition and find the very best job for you!

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