Are You Missing Great Candidates While Waiting for the Perfect Hire?


You know exactly who you’re looking for to fill that open position, and you’ve got all the stats memorized: certain degree, certain number of years of experience, certain certifications, and certain qualifications. In a perfect world, you’d only see applications from the candidates with your exact set of requirements. In the real world, you’re getting applications that represent a large spread of qualifications. It’s tempting to toss every resume that doesn’t have the words you’re looking for, but you may be doing your organization a disservice if you’re ignoring great candidates while holding out for a “perfect hire” that may never materialize.

Degree Expected, but Is It Required?

That “bachelor’s/associate/master’s degree required” line on your application seems like sacred territory. But unless an industry regulation or licensing requirement demands it, ask yourself whether that bachelor’s degree, associate degree or other degree is really necessary. It’s understood that you want star candidates willing to put in the necessary hours to gain a relevant degree, but if the degree isn’t an enforceable requirement, your insistence upon it may be hurting your organization more than it’s helping. A candidate with a two-year degree and the right experience may be just as qualified, and so may the candidate who is a year or two out from completing a four-year degree.

Experience vs. Initiative

A standby phrase found on many job applications goes often lists a specific number of years of experience required.” Whether the blank is filled with a three, a five or a one, have you ever really considered where that number comes from, and what it represents? The right candidate may have learned as much in three years on the job as many do in five, while a candidate with three years “experience” may have less practical experience in your organization’s specialty than a candidate with one or two years working in a similar setting. Instead of throwing arbitrary numbers of years of experience on your ads, consider what you’re really looking for in those years of experience, and quantify it (e.g., experience with a specific type of equipment, software or customer base)..

Stamped and Approved

It may not be a particular degree or qualification that you’re after when looking for the perfect hire, but something more intangible — some connection with a candidate or sign that a candidate is the elusive perfect candidate for the position. That kind of “eureka” moment is great when it happens, but the more hours you spend plowing through applications, the more people you prescreen and the more candidates you interview, the less likely that moment is to materialize. Why? You’re exhausted. It’s hard to see a candidate’s great points when you’re more concerned with getting out of the office before 9 p.m. That’s where Staffing Partners’ recruiting experts can help with your hiring strategy — we prescreen our temporary and temp-to-hire candidates so you don’t have to. When you interview our candidates, you know you’re getting a sample of the best candidates for your position, and that “eureka” moment is nearer to reality than fantasy. So don’t keep looking in vain for the perfect hire — call today and let the experienced recruiters at Staffing Partners help!

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