Tailoring Your Cover Letter For a Specific Position


While some people don’t believe that hiring managers look at cover letters when reviewing applications, the cover letter remains a huge opportunity for a job seeker to make a strong impression. Tailoring your resume to a specific opportunity allows job seekers a great opportunity to sell yourself to employers.

Stand Out In a Crowd…

It’s not a secret what hiring managers are looking for in cover letters: The same things they put in the job advertisement. Just like a familiar name jumps out at you in a newspaper or web page, familiar words and concepts jump out when employers look at your cover letter. The more words and concepts they see they recognize, the more attention they’ll pay to your cover letter and your resume. But just repeating the words from the job description won’t be enough to make your cover letter stand out. You need to relate the job requirements for experience and qualifications to your own requirements and qualifications, rather than just simply saying you meet the requirements.

…For All the Right Reasons

The trick to creating a cover letter that’s right for the job is figuring out what you have that employers want, and making your statistics relate to these requirements. Say you’re applying as an ICU registered nurse. You have all of the required education and certifications needed for the position, but beyond that, you also have experience working in the ICU. Highlighting this experience, your passion, and how your past experience will help you excel in this position will help to showcase you as a top candidate for this opportunity.

Don’t Go It Alone

Don’t skip the cover letter when submitting an application. If you need assistance, Staffing Partners’ employment experts are available to help! Our recruiting professionals can help you with every stage of applying for temp- and temp-to-hire jobs in your field, from applying to interviewing and beyond! Don’t go it alone on your job search. Let us help you find the job you’ve been dreaming of!

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