Resume/CV Writing for Nurses


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From the newly pinned nursing graduate to the established nurse looking for a change of job, having a resume ready for potential employers is essential to your career. But if you’re new to writing a nursing resume or if it has been years, knowing just how to put your qualifications on paper can be daunting. Don’t sweat it — Staffing Partners is here to help!

Getting the Resume Basics

On the surface, resumes for nurses have few differences from resumes for any career, so it’s best to start with the resume basics. Any resume should include your name, contact information, and a profile or summary of your educational and career achievements so far. Most any word processing program, including Microsoft Word or free Web-based programs like Google Docs, will have resume templates that you can use for a framework.

Nursing Education, Training and Credentials

The educational information that is a cornerstone of any resume is especially important to the nursing CV as it is likely what employers will scan first — they want to be assured that you’ve had the training and earned the credentials necessary to work as a nurse in your state. Include information about your nursing education, along with information about your clinical rotations if you’re a nurse with less than three years of professional experience. Also include any information about important training and certifications you may have. Always include your nursing license numbers and expiration dates.

Career History

For the nurse who is a few years into her career, this section is straightforward. List, chronologically, information about your past three nursing jobs, including departments you worked in, and equipment and software you used on a regular basis. New nursing grads creating resumes should include information about non-nursing jobs, while focusing more on clinical experience, emphasize skills obtained during clinical rotations that are pertinent to the job being applied for.

Resumes for New Nursing Grads and Nursing Career Shifts

New nursing school graduates and nurses seeking a career change often complain that it is difficult to reconcile their experience with the expectations of employers. One of the best ways to gain valuable experience is by working temp or temp-to-hire placements. Work with a known nursing recruitment firm like Staffing Partners and you increase your chances of finding a great placement exponentially! Staffing Partners is eager to help you develop your nursing skills or make the career shift you’re ready for. Contact our experienced staffing professionals now!


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