Is Your Job Search Organized?


Searching for a new job can be enough to make your head spin. What with knowing where to search for openings, remembering who you sent resumes to, and following up on calls and interviews, the job hunt can quickly become a scattershot mess. And if you’ve not got a good system for job hunting down, it can derail your progress. Organizing your job search won’t just keep you from making job hunting mistakes — it will also help you develop valuable job skills any employer will appreciate.

Make Looking for a Job Your Job

Reserve a certain time each day for the job hunt, and complete your job search tasks during that time, no exceptions. Dress as though you were going to work, and designate a spot in your home (or an area in your public library) as your “office.” The idea is approaching the job search as though it was your job, and the point of this exercise is keeping your mind set in career mode.

Create Resume and Cover Letter Templates

Having to scratch around for a resume and write a new cover letter for each job application can seriously slow down your job search. Create a resume that is easily tailored to different jobs you might apply for, and create a skeleton cover letter document than can be filled in with the employer’s information and the body of the letter. You should also keep a list of potential references and their contact information — and make sure you ask for a reference before providing the information to potential employers.

Keep Track of Jobs You Apply For

Treat each potential job like a business client — take note of the job posting, the end date, the date you applied for the job and which documents were required, and any contact you have with that employer after applying. Do not apply for multiple jobs with the same company unless you have good reason to believe you are equally qualified for each, and if employers ask you not to reapply for jobs you were not chosen for, abide by their wishes.

Enlist Recruitment Experts

If you’re not using a recruiting service as part of your job search strategy, you’re missing out on invaluable contacts and potential jobs. A Portland staffing firm like Staffing Partners is there to guide you through every step of your job search, and works with employers to find temporary and temp-to-hire employees with your qualifications. Add Staffing Partners’ recruitment specialists to your job search strategy, and you’ll open up a whole new world of opportunities.


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