Tips for Writing a Thank You Note Post-Interview


Being granted a job interview is a gift, and like all gifts, it should be acknowledged with a show of gratitude. For job candidates, this means following up a job interview with a thank-you note that lets employers know how much you appreciated the opportunity to show them your stuff. If you’re new to writing post-interview thank you notes, here are a few tips to get you started.

Keep It Short and On Point

Ideally, an employer will be receiving a thank-you note from each candidate he interviews. For that reason alone, keep your note succinct, yet memorable. Address your interviewer by name, thank him for the interview, and mention a few complimentary and interesting facts you learned about the organization in the course of the interview. End the note by telling the interviewer that you look forward to hearing from him again.

Send a Thank You to Each Interviewer

It’s almost standard practice now to be interviewed by multiple representatives of your prospective employer. Don’t be tempted to send a thank you to only the lead interviewer or hiring manager. Send thank-you notes to every interviewer, and tweak each one to make it a little different. You never know when your interviewers will be comparing notes.

Give Thanks Even for Lost Opportunities

Say you bomb the interview. Or receive a call as soon as you get home saying the job has been filled. Whether you got the job or not, you still send a thank-you note. Sending a thank-you note is not just good manners, it’s good networking. If you’re gracious enough to thank a hiring manager for a lost opportunity, she may remember you fondly when the next job opportunity comes available.

Yes, You Will Need Stamps

Resist the temptation to send an email thank-you note. Handwriting and mailing a thank-you note shows employers you are willing to go the extra mile, and you have a great manners and a gracious personality. You’ll never be sorry for the extra time and effort you spend on this task.

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