Five Qualities Employers Look For When Hiring New Talent


When you’re struggling to find a job or even get interviews, it can be difficult to know just what you’re doing wrong. Chances are, you’re either not strong enough in the skill or experience department, or it could be your job history or references are inadvertently revealing that you’ve not displayed some key qualities for career success in the past. So, what are these qualities employers are looking for? Read on as Staffing Partners’ employment experts reveal five of the qualities employers look for most often in new talent.


If you think punctuality is overrated, try showing up late for a job interview. Punctuality is a big deal to employers — what would happen if everyone showed up late or not at all? A job history that shows firings or other disciplinary action for failure to maintain punctual and reliable attendance is a turn-off for potential employers.

Work Ethic

Speaking of reliability, it’s only one of the factors that make up that elusive quality all employers seek — a strong work ethic. Having a great work ethic means you show up when you’re scheduled, work with dedication, and don’t leave until the job’s done. It’s a quality every employer looks for.


Loyalty means you don’t jump ship at the first sign of trouble; you don’t bad mouth your employer to customers or competitors; and perhaps most importantly, you’re not at a job just for a paycheck, but to contribute to the workplace.


If it seems that skill has appeared too far down the list, there’s a reason for that. While employers like to know you’ve got the skills necessary for the job, they are also more likely to consider an employee who’s strong in work ethic and loyalty but whose skills need a little refining. After all, the employee whose skills are unquestionable but whose work history is long on employers and short on time on the job is often more of a risk.


Experience carries weight with employers because it encompasses so much: experience with the skills the job requires, experience in the workforce, experience working professionally. It’s also the one skill that is impossible to gain without, well, experience.

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