Can I Quit Without Giving Two Weeks’ Notice?


When you’ve got a great job offer, or are just ready to leave a job you don’t love, you may find yourself asking do I really have to give my job two weeks’ notice? Well, no, you don’t have to give notice when you leave a job, but if you want to continue to get interviews and job offers, you really should, and here’s why.

Bosses (and Co-Workers) Are People Too

It’s hard to get the warm fuzzy feels for a boss who hasn’t been the best, but give them a break. When you quit a job with no notice, they’re left in the lurch. Same goes for your co-workers. When you simply ghost on a shift, they have to pick up your slack.

It’s a Small World After All

If you ever want to test the power of word of mouth (or text or social media), cause problems at your workplace. When you break the rules, break the law, or just do something thoughtless like leave your job with no notice, people talk. Before you know it, word will make its way to future or current employers, who may not consider you such a great hire in the light of your past workplace behavior. After all, if you left one workplace without warning, you could very well do the same at their workplace.

The Best References Aren’t the Ones Listed

Think because you’re relocating to a new town or working in a different field, skipping out on your job won’t matter? Think again. While you list references for employers, don’t assume that those are the only contacts they make with jobs in your past. If they call a past employer and are told that you left without notice or are not eligible for rehire due to leaving without giving notice, they make rethink the job offer they were considering giving you.

There’s Always the Exception

As with all rules, the “never quit your job without notice” rule also has an exception. If your employer is known for refusing to schedule employees after they give notice, harassing or otherwise making employees who have given notice uncomfortable, consider your options. If you need that two weeks’ pay, do what your gut tells you. Just be prepared to explain your actions to future employers. On the bright side, that small world business goes both ways — if your current employer is known for firing or otherwise mistreating employees who give notice, other employers in the area have probably heard the news.

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