When Is the Right Time to Start Hiring?


Summer is here — time for vacations, sunburns, and getting everything in place to hire employees to fill your 2016 holiday staffing needs. No, don’t read that sentence again, you read it right the first time. When it comes to filling anticipated hiring needs, the time to act is not a month before the holiday or vacation staffing shortages. You’ve got to be ready well before the need arises.

The Early Bird Gets the Best Candidates          

Wait until the last minute to fill regular staffing shortages, and you get what you pay for, in terms of time investment — e.g., the employees who are more desperate for employment than looking to build their careers. Putting off hiring until the need is dire leaves you less time for the tasks that help you hire great candidates, such as reviewing job descriptions before posting, posting job openings in the right outlets, screening applications and of course, interviewing job candidates. When you take time to create a staffing plan, you’re not under the gun to get live bodies in the building before the seasonal hiring rush begins.

The Early Bird Knows When to Look For Candidates

Sure, you know you need to hire before you need employees, but when? What with background checks, reference checks, and other pre-employment tasks, the candidate screening process can take 4-6 weeks or even longer. Figure in new-hire attrition, and the process can take twice is long. Ideally, you’d start hiring for anticipated or seasonal staffing needs at least two months before you have to put the new hires on the schedule.

The Early Bird Knows Where to Find Staffing Experts

When you’re serious about revamping your staffing strategy, you go to the experts. Staffing Partners’ temporary and temp-to-hire staffing professionals can take the uncertainty out of staffing for seasonal or anticipated needs. Work with Staffing Partners, and qualified, pre-screened employees ready to fill your positions are just a phone call away. Give us a call today!

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