What to Learn When You Don’t Get the Job


When you look at every job interview and every job application you send out as a learning experience, it’s better to take the rejection as an opportunity for growth rather than as an insult; you’ll do yourself a huge favor. The key is knowing what to learn from the jobs you don’t get. Sometimes it’s your job skills or experience that need more polish, and sometimes it’s how you present yourself in interviews. Either way, when you don’t get the job, you need some advice.

Was It My Experience or Skills?

If you’re getting rejected for job after job before you even interview, take an honest look at your resume compared to the jobs you’re applying for. Not landing interviews or even a phone call is often a sign that your experience, education or skills are not a match for the jobs. It’s also a signal to potential employers that you’re not paying attention. If you’re applying for jobs you’re not qualified for, it’s a good bet you won’t pay attention to details when you’re on the job. So what should you take away from applications that disappear into the ether? Work on your job skills, work on your education, and most importantly, get more experience (more on that in a bit).

….Or Was It Just Me?

Getting interviews, but never getting call backs? When you’re landing phone interviews or the coveted in-person interviews and you’re not getting jobs, it usually means your interviewing skills need some attention. It’s difficult to know what you’re doing wrong in interviews. If you really want to improve, enlist an honest friend or colleague and get some advice. Better yet, go to the professionals, such as a career coach, a job counselor at your school or your local unemployment office, or a staffing agency.

Where to Learn What You Should Know

Whether it’s what jobs to apply for, how to interview for a job, or how to get experience in your field, Staffing Partners’ recruitment professionals are here to help. We’ll show you how to get the best jobs in your field and help you get the job skills and experience you need to take your career to the next level. Call us now!

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