Hiring Outlook: Oregon


Oregon hiring managers, the news is good — both job growth and population growth in the state’s biggest metro hubs are looking up.

Where the People Will Be

Create great jobs, and great candidates will follow. Even if your company isn’t planning an expansion, if you’re in Oregon’s metro areas, you can take advantage of the growth. The State of Oregon’s Employment Department forecasts modest employment outlook growth in many of the state’s metro areas, giving employers a great pool of job prospects to draw from. The Bend Metro area is one of Oregon’s fastest-growing job markets, with just over six percent job growth for the May 2015-May 2016 period. Both the Portland Metro and the Eugene Metro area saw job market growth of just under 3 percent. For employers, more competition is often good news, so far as the hiring outlook is concerned, the more jobs there are to choose from in your area, the more qualified job candidates will flock to the area.

What’s Hot in Jobs

According to the State of Oregon’s Employment Department, Oregon’s fastest-growing job sectors as of May 2016 are construction, professional and business services, and information. The professional and business services sectors include legal services, healthcare, leisure and hospitality, architectural and engineering services, and computer systems design, while the information sectors include publishing, software design and telecommunications. Only manufacturing jobs have sustained losses in the 2015-2016 period, declining 2 percent. Employers in the construction, professional and business services, and information sectors should plan to offer competitive wages and benefits in order to attract the best candidates.

Where You Are, We Are

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