Should I Continue My Training?


So you’ve just graduated from school and have that diploma in hand, or have discovered that many jobs are asking for “some college” rather than a degree — you’re done with school forever then, right? Not so fast. For those who want a rewarding career rather than a job, training never ends. Seeking continuing education and new skills training are the best things you can do for your job prospects. Here’s how seeking more learning opportunities can help you get a great job.

A Degree Is Great — Ambition Is Better

When many of the jobs in your field call for a specific level of education, it’s tempting to attain it; then coast along. Though a job may only require a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree, any additional certifications or training credentials you have do more than just pad your resume. They prove to employers that you’re willing to go above the minimum for achievement. That speaks to dedication, and employers love dedication!

New Technology, New Skills, New Prospects

Say you’ve achieved the highest level of education for your job, whether that’s a certification or a PhD. While it’s great you completed that program, if your degree is decades old, you need to prove to employers you haven’t let your skills accumulate dust along with your diploma. More recent certifications or learning activities demonstrate you’re aware of trends that affect your field, whether it’s technology or protocol changes. Years of experience plus learning new activities is a combination that employers love to see.

Staying Relevant

If you’re between jobs in your field, or just having a difficult time finding that first crucial job, taking advantage of any or all continuing education opportunities you can afford is the best way to stay relevant during your job search. If paying for continuing education is out of the question, seek online programs or check with your local community college or adult learning center for free continuing education opportunities for job seekers.

Continuing education and training programs are great, but experience counts a lot toward helping you reach your career goals. The experts at Staffing Partners can help you find temporary and temp-to-hire positions that will get you the experience employers require while also building your resume. Contact us today for information!

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