Onboarding Your Temporary Employees for Success


There’s a tendency to think of temporary employees as just that — employees who are only passing through your organization. If you’ve been neglecting onboarding temporary employees because you don’t think they’ll be there long enough for it to matter, you’re doing a disservice to your organization and your temp employees. Onboarding temp hires gives them a better chance to meet your expectations and a better respect for your organization.

Start at the Beginning

If “onboarding” temp employees has meant a slapdash orientation in which an employee is asked to sign for personnel manuals and other items she could not possibly have read or understood that quickly, then it’s time for you to create a new onboarding program for temps. A good onboarding program should allow for at least one day’s introduction to your facility and organization before the employee starts her duties, and should be ongoing for the length of the employee’s probationary term. Supervisors and management should schedule times to check in on new hires to answer any questions about the job or the organization, and to hear out any concerns or ideas.

Start With the Staffing Agency

When it comes to temporary employees, onboarding should begin with the staffing agency you use for temp employees, before they even come into your facility. The basic information about your company, your policies and procedures, and job descriptions for temp hires should be provided to your temporary staffing agency, and should be updated and distributed to the agency when updates are made. You should also make clear to your staffing agency what employees should expect on their first few days on the job, so there are no surprises on either side.

Start With Temporary Staffing Experts

The staffing agency you choose can either help or hurt you during the onboarding process; choose Oregon’s temporary staffing experts at Staffing Partners, and you’ll see a difference in both your temporary employees and your onboarding program. Staffing Partners works with the best candidates for your temporary and temp-to-hire positions, providing you with great employees from the first day. Call them today and make your staffing plan a piece of cake!

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