Red Flags Interviewers Watch For


Ever wonder why your interview, which was going so well, suddenly tanked? Or why you never get call backs after interviews? Hiring managers and interviewers have experience spotting red flags that signal dangerous job candidates. Here are a few of the most common interviewing mistakes, and how to stop making them.

You’re Late for the Interview

This one is obvious, but some people need to be reminded: When you’re late for a job interview, it’s shows you’re not really that invested in the company or the job.

You Don’t Know Much About the Company or Job

When you’re sending out resumes left and right, the particulars of a company or job description may begin to blur. That’s a fatal mistake. Interviewers may not come right out and ask questions about the job description or refer to specifics about the company, but they can tell by your answers to their questions whether you’ve done your homework about the job and the company. Prepare for a job interview by finding out everything you can about the company and the job using the company’s website and any other pertinent information, and make notes to refer to during the interview.

You’re Not Dressed Appropriately

Go to a job interview in your ripped jeans and flip-flops, and before you say a word, you tell the interviewer you’re really not that concerned about making a good impression. If you’re unsure what is appropriate for an interview, research the company’s dress code online, or ask a friend or relative who is a professional in their field to give you advice on how to dress for your interview.

You Don’t Answer the Questions You’re Asked

It happens at least once every interview; you’re asked a question you can’t answer or don’t want to answer. Don’t lie, or give a vague answer that is no answer at all. If you don’t know the answer, admit it. At best, you seem honest; at worst, you seem unprepared about this one topic. If you know the answer to an uncomfortable question (such as “Why were you let go from your last job?”), answer honestly.

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