Build Loyalty Among Light Industrial Workers


Managers in the light industrial trade all agree that hiring and retaining great employees is one of their biggest challenges. Yet few understand why creating a loyal light industrial workforce is such a unique challenge. Part of it’s the nature of the job, and part of it’s the nature of the corporate culture. Overcome the limitations of both and you’ve created a foundation on which to build loyalty among your light industrial workers.

Offer More Than Your Competitors

Loyalty to your organization can be difficult to build when you’re competing with other light industrial employers in your area. Likewise, it’s tempting to disregard employee satisfaction when your employees have shown a propensity for fleeing to the competition. You don’t have to offer better pay to compete; however, build a corporate culture around employee satisfaction, and you’ll be miles ahead of your competitors in employee retention. Offer flexible schedules. Recognize employee achievements sincerely and often. Give learning opportunities or offer some kind of incentive for employees to further their education. Anything that recognizes your employees’ achievements and goals is a win for you an employer.

Market to the Workers Who Want What You Have to Offer

Let’s face it, most light industrial jobs look temporary to employees. Limited opportunities for real growth and standard part-time, weekend and overnight shifts are examples of reasons why your positions may seem like stepping stones to career-minded employees. The key is accepting that retention doesn’t mean retiring from your company, and marketing your workplace to people who are seeking just the kind of opportunities you provide. A great employee who stays 3-5 years is the goal, so seek the people looking for part-time jobs with unusual hours. College students, retirees or employees returning to the workforce after family obligations or another disruption are perfect examples of people who’d be pleased with your positions, and inclined to stay a few years at the least.

Know Where to Find the Best Workers

Even if you know the demographics of your ideal candidates, it can be difficult to hone in on the best of the best. That’s where Staffing Partners’ light industrial staffing experts come in. They can provide your organization with the best temporary and temp-to-hire candidates for your open positions, no matter what level of experience you’re seeking or shifts you need to staff. Don’t flounder in the employee loyalty stakes — let Staffing Partners create a staffing strategy perfect for your light industrial workplace.

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