How Can a Staffing Partner Help Me?


Want more hours in the day? Want less stress and more success? Want happier employees? If these questions have you rolling your eyes and muttering “don’t we all,” then it’s time you were introduced to hiring the Staffing Partners’ way. Once you’re working with a professional staffing agency, you’ll wonder how you lived without one — a great staffing partner can help make almost every aspect of hiring and managing your employees easier.

Your Schedule Becomes a Little Less Packed

Advertising open positions. Reading cover letters and resumes. Conducting phone interviews. Tracking down references. Conducting in-person interviews. Add up all the time you spend on filling open positions in your company, and you’ll likely find that staffing eats up a majority of your work day. When you work with Staffing Partners, however, you get much of that time back. Our temporary staffing experts do most of the legwork for you, sending you only the best talent in your field. It’s like you’ve gained the most efficient hiring manager on earth — because you have!

Your Employees Are Happier, Healthier, and More Productive

Employees leaving your company, employees calling in and/or having on-the-job accidents, and employees lagging in productivity often have one thing in common: staffing snafus. The time it takes you to fill open positions is time your employees are working are picking up the slack, and in industries where turnover is high, short staffing shows in declining morale, increasing absenteeism, and even higher than normal turnover. Creating a staffing strategy with Staffing Partners means you fill open positions more quickly, which in turn means your employees suffer fewer of the detrimental effects of turnover and staffing shortages. Once you’ve made filling open positions as easy as making a call to your recruitment specialists, employees’ job satisfaction improves dramatically.

Your Company Is an Industry Leader

When you’re spending less time on staffing, you’re spending more time improving your organization in other ways. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that all temporary employment agencies are created equal. If hiring the best talent in the industry is your goal, then you work with the best in the staffing industry — Staffing Partners. Our staffing professionals are on the lookout for Portland’s rising stars in the industries we work with. Working with us means you get the benefit of our experience in recruiting and screening temp and temp-to-hire candidates who want the best jobs in our area. That combination of a first-rate recruitment team working behind the scenes and ambitious, engaged talent equals success for our clients.

By now you know that working with a staffing partner is the best thing for your organization, right? Give the experienced recruiters at Staffing Partners a call right now!

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