What Resume Style is Best for Me?


In the world of recruiting and employment searches, a good resume is your foot in the door. Its job is to create interest and make the recruiter want to meet you. The question is how do you create an attractive resume? There are two common resume styles used today: chronological and functional.

Chronological resumes, as the name suggests, lists jobs in chronological order, usually starting with the most recent. This is the most classic type of resume.

Functional resumes focus more on transferable skills, as well as achievements and education rather than individual jobs. This is a more modern style of resume.

The type of resume that is best for you will depend on a number of factors, including how much experience you have and what job you are applying for.

A Chronological Resume Is Best for You If…

  • You have a lot of experience in the field you are applying to
  • You have had long-term jobs with no lengthy employment gaps
  • You are an experienced nurse, information technician or another trained professional

A Functional Resume Is Best for You If…

  • You are new in the job market
  • You have lots of short-term jobs or a lengthy employment gap
  • You are applying for a non-clinical job in a medical setting (such as in accounting, management or purchasing), and you have no medical office experience

Choosing the Best of Both Worlds

If you still cannot decide what type of resume to use, consider creating a combination of both styles. A combination resume includes a chronological list of jobs, but first highlights skills and experience via a “Professional Profile” section.

Regardless of the resume style you choose, remember most managers only review each resume for about six seconds [source: Dr. John Sullivan]. Make sure you make the most important information stand out. Font typefaces should be clear and easy to read. And resumes should be short; ideally no more than one page in length.

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