Three Mistakes that Say “I’m Unprofessional”


Congratulations on your new job! But, as important as the interview as for making a first impression, the hardest part is yet to come. How can you make sure to come across as a real professional during your first week on the job? Avoiding these three mistakes is a good start.

1. Being Glued to Your Phone

Yes, smartphones are everywhere these days. But when starting a new job, you need to resist the temptation to have it close at hand. Nothing says “I’m unprofessional” like having your boss catch you tweeting when you should be training.

2. Showing Up Late/Leaving Early

“I’m very punctual.” How embarrassing when a job candidate makes this claim in an interview, only to show up late during their first week on the job! Asking to leave early can be just as bad, showing that you don’t really want to be there. Unless a true emergency comes up, plan on being early and leaving on time.

3. Complaining or Being Negative

While you’re learning the processes involved in your new job, you might come across a policy you disagree with. But that doesn’t mean you should speak up about it, at least not right away. Complaining about the way things are done is not professional. Remember that the person training you knows the company better than you do. There may be a reason for the policy that you don’t understand at the moment, but it will make sense later on.

Your boss is not the only one paying attention to you during your first few days on the job. Your co-workers will also be keeping an eye on you, judging what it will be like to work with you. No matter who it is that’s watching, you should always keep your attitude and actions professional. This is true no matter how long you’ve been at a job, but it is never more important than in the first week.

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